Changing the way teams communicate and work together



Customised to optimise team dynamic


Cohesive teams that demonstrate shared understanding


Delivered on-site with follow-up


We work with teams at all levels of organisations to help them address the issues that are critical for them.  This often includes helping them build and embed skills to consistently produce their best work, improve productivity and shore up resilience for challenging times (such as shrinking resources, restructures and market pressures). Teams develop their skills in communication, goal setting and problem solving – all of which enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. The process also enables team members to build trust in order to establish the culture and behaviours they want and to take responsibility for the team’s performance.

We also work with leaders once they have been through a leadership development programme, to help them implement their new skills with their teams. Workshops are designed to help leaders and their teams translate broader business goals into meaningful team goals and measures that include values and behaviours.

Some of the key areas we cover include:

  • Team direction and goal setting
  • Communication and work styles
  • Removing roadblocks
  • Innovation
  • Doing more with less – recognising the limits and opportunities of challenging times
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Building the team you want to be.

Who benefits?

Any team that wants to improve performance and/or is struggling to meet targets and adapt to change can benefit.  These programmes also help to embed leadership skills for Managers and Team Leaders.

When a team development program follows and builds on a leadership development program it has the added benefit of helping to create a cohesive culture throughout the organisation.  This includes:

  • A shared language
  • A shared understanding of the business goals and measures
  • A clear picture for each team and it’s people of how they contribute to the organisation’s success.